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April 2003

European Youth Online Magazine

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POP-UP is at home at EWZ GmbH
in Dortmund


For visitors:
Evinger Platz 11
44339 Dortmund (Dortmund-Eving)

+49 231 728 484-0

+49 231 728 400-2

Dortmund Homepage:



What is POP-UP?

POP-UP started in 1999 as an European youth magazine. Today we like to consider it as an international youth magazine too, for young people from all over the one world. POP-UP offers you information and contributions from the various countries and regions about training, profession, music, studies, leisure time, culture, politics and much more.

Why started POP-UP as an 'European' youth magazine?

The European Union, respectively its forerunners, have existed for many years. There are currently 15 member states of the union, soon there will be 25 and eventually the whole of Europe will be joined as one. But, do we know each other well enough? Do we know from one another what is important in our various life styles and work ethics, or where we could find better models in other countries from which we can learn? A bit more exchange of experiences and ideas between young people can do no harm. For this, POP-UP offers a good opportunity.
Furthermore, POP-UP offers through lots of connections many contact possibilities to other European countries and youth organisations, networks and so on. The column "Friends" offers you the possibility to look for penpals all over the world.

Is POP-UP only for Europeans?

No. POP-UP appears on the Internet. Anybody and everybody all over the world can read and contribute to POP-UP. POP-UP doesn't hold to the belief that everything revolves around Europe, which sees itself as the belly button of the world and likes to wallow in its own juices. Since we do not have the monopoly on wisdom, neither in the west nor in the "1st world", the interests, experiences and views of all young people from all continents and cultures are important.

Who produces POP-UP?

POP-UP is edited by EWZ - Entwickungszentrum für berufliche Qualifizierung und Integration. Translated into English this means "Development Center for Vocational Training and Integration" EWZ is a non-profit trainig center in Dortmund, Germany.

POP-UP got started in 1999 as an European project, financially supported by the European Commission and the Dortmund town council until December 2000. Today the magazine is carried on by EWZ and voluntaries.

For this reason your assistance is required! This is the only way that your own themes, experiences and wishes can be shown. We are looking forward to your articles.


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Pop-up webmaster: angeli@pop-up.org

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