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International Computer Science Programme
By Dörthe Schmidt




The new international computer science programme offered at the University of Passau will in future make prospective computer scientists fit for what is termed the "globalization of the markets". The course of studies with its focus on foreign languages was developed because, in the course of opening up new markets, internationally operating companies are increasingly looking for qualified computer scientists with a sound knowledge of the language spoken in the particular country.
     The study course is open to students of all nationalities. As the initiators of the course emphasize, "transfrontier" computer science is ideally suited to this international orientation because the demands made on computer scientists are universally uniform, and therefore free from national particularities. All students are therefore able to combine their main subject of computer science with language training in two foreign languages. As the standard language, English is a compulsory subject for all. However, students can freely choose from among the following languages: Arabic, Chinese, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, French, Spanish or Thai. As a rule, foreign students are not allowed a free choice of languages, taking instead German and English.
     The period within which students should finish their studies amounts to nine semesters, at least one of which being a semester spent abroad at one of Passau's numerous partner universities. The course of studies ends with the conferral of a diploma which is equivalent to the Master's Degree in the UK and the USA. All of the seminar papers and diploma theses must be written in the English language.
     Whoever wishes to learn more about the "International Computer Science Programme" can obtain information at the sites belonging to the University of Passau:

Alternatively, information can be obtained directly using the address: Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science :
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