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European postgraduate course of
Integral Port Management
Landlubbers welcome!




Contact to the German branch:
FH Oldenburg
Fachbereich Seefahrt
Weserstraße 52
26931 Elsfleth
Tel.:+49 4404 92880
Fax.:+49 4404 928841
e-mail: fbs-office@fh-oldenburg.de


"Integral Port Management" (IPM) is a new course of studies which is being supported by the European Union and aims at the economic development of Europe's coastline regions.

   No less than seven European universities collaborate in providing IPM courses. Those are the universities of Vlissingen in Netherlands, Bradford in UK, Glasgow in Scotland, Gent in Belgium, Huelva in Spain, Szcezecin in Poland and the Fachhochschule Oldenburg in Germany. Students have to attend courses at least at three different universities.

   Nautical and merchant navy personnel are offered a wide range of courses associated with the sea and the movement of freight. The curriculum covers issues related to marine law, marine environment, port operations and transport. Students have the opportunity to gain qualifications for employment on the management level in the international shipping business either by going to sea or by working ashore in areas such as port management, ship and cargo brokerage. Dedicated landlubbers can concentrate on the cargo business at airports.

   Students will have to accomplish the required twelve units within one academic year. People being in occupation are allowed to take five years to finish the IPM units.

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