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November 18, 2000


European Youth Parliament maintains contact offices in 27 European countries.

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The main objective of the EYP is to promote the European dimension in education and to give students in the 16-22 age group the opportunity to participate in a practical, positive learning experience. The EYP aims to provide an educational project which is suited to the special needs of future European citizens who have to be aware of the thoughts and characteristics of other nations, respect their differences, learn to work together, master two or three languages and understand the causes of international conflict.

The EYP constitutes a forum in which the young people of Europe can express their own opinions, without any political connotations and without reverting to role play. Students are encouraged to take an interest in current affairs and the democratic process, practise independent thinking and take personal initiatives.


The EYP organises 2 or 3 international 9-day sessions a year, which are held each time in a different European country and involve the EU-member states as well as a minimum of 4 observer-countries, bringing 250-300 pupils/students and teachers/tutors from different nationalities.

Read more on EYP, its programme, conditions of participation and scholarships.

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