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May, 2003

European Youth Online Magazine  

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Look for penpals

i want to get penpals,please
Hello dear friends: my name is Franklin Mendoza,i am 28 years old,i am a teacher and i live in Lima Peru. I am a very catholic person and i would like to get irish friends to make a cultural interchange. I love undertake programs to help poor.
Please reply to msmendoza1@mail.terra.com.pe Feb 14, 2003

Dear Sir/Madam
I am a teacher form the UK working as a volunteer in south east china teching english. I have around 300 students aged between 17 and 23 who are looking for pen pals to correspond in english. I was wondering if you could help me with this or point me in the right direction. You can e-mail me at lucy_oram@hotmail.com or lucy_oram@yahoo.com Thankyou for you help yours faithfully Lucy Oram
Oct 16, 2002

My name is Jessica Murray and i would like a pen friend. I got this e-mail address from a magazine. I like reading, surfing the net and writing e-mails. I also enjoy going to the cinema and spending time with friends.
Please could you send me a pen friend e-mail address, i don't mind if it's a boy (i would like it if i could write to a boy becuase i never have)
Many Thanks
Please reply to jessica2000s@hotmail.com Age 13, from England
July 5, 2002

My name is Emily. I am 12 years old and I would love to have a penfriend who I can trust and also someone who has a good scense of humor.
Emily Symons
Emily.Symons@BTinternet.com July 3, 2002

My name is Yasemin and I´m from Germany. I´m 15 years old and a 10 grade student. My Hobbies are reading books and hearing music. I hope someone will write me back.
The address: ufruk@freenet.de
Ciao Yasemin
Sept 08, 2001

Hey guys!
My name is Sharon and i am from Germany.I am 14 years old and love to write letters, read books play football etc. I would like with someone from all over the world.
I am in the 8/9th class/grade and my e-mail adress is: www.tarzan@gmx.de
I hope someone write back.
See you later Alligator, In a while krokodil!
Yours Sharon
August 17, 2001

I'm Marie from Germany and I'm searching for penpals from all over the world!!!I'm 13 and I have red-blond hair.I'd be very, very happy if you'd write me!!!!!
January 25, 2001

My name is Sarah Fitzpatrick, and I'm looking for a penpal in Europe. I'm 13, love to read, have blonde hair and green eyes, and really want to get to know someone in europe (I'm in NJ) thanks.
eMail: fitzsarah@hotmail.com
(how do I get this posted on the page for penpals? Thanks for making this site,
Sarah Fitzpatrick
October 7, 2000

My name is Patrizia and Im a 22 years old. I want to make new friends in Europe (especially) so I find your page and well, I ask for you help. I speak spanish, french, italian and english.
Thanks for you Help
Patrizia (from Costa Rica)
PS: have a wonderful day :)
eMail: patrizia_ppp@yahoo.com
September 10, 2000

Hallo, soy de PERU
Hola, quisiera corresponder con usted, me gustaría mucho saber mas sobre vuestro país.
Hasta pronto.
IMAGEN Institut Européén de l'Audiovisuel pour l'Echange Culturel entre l'Europe et l'Amérique Latine imagen@wanadoo.fr
4 Aug 2000

My name is Kristin Wieckowski, and I am a 16 year old american looking for a penpal in Europe. I have one brother, and I am the oldest of my family. I am interested in swimming, football, and babysitting. If you woould like to e-mail me, my address is kwieckowski@yahoo.com. I am a 10 grade student at Flat Rock High School in Michigan. Any one interested please e-mail me.
Kristin Wieckowski

Hi! I'm Irina from Germany and I'm searching for penfriends from all over the world who write to me in English. I'm 14 and I'd be really glad I you'd write to me. The address: harald.ens@t-online.de
July 29, 2000

My name is Morgan and i live in the USA... i'm not sure if eiffel 56 is still popular over in europe but they are here. I was wondering if you can send me any links to any lyric pages for BLUE...? PLEEEEAAAAASE
Jan 19, 2000

My name is Suzanne Wakid. I'm an Arab from Judida village in Israel. I'm 16 years old. I'm interested in reading, tennis, intercultural youth meetings and chatting. I have one brother who is older than me and one sister who is younger than me. Ive been twice to germany and Rhodoes.
I'm interested in exchanging ideas and maybe visits with young people in Europe and overseas. If you have the same interests please contact me.
eMail: mimi@netvision.net.il
23rd of October 1999

I would like to learn more about working in Europe. I am 22 years and fully bilingual (french and english). I am very willing to travel. Travelling is a great passion of mine. I would really appreciate it if you could contact very soon.
Thank you
Renita Kerrivan
20th of August 1999


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