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February 2003

European Youth Online Magazine



Whenever you plan a trip through Europe, you should take a look at www.eurotrip.com before you get started - if you are interested in reasonable prices and good quality.

Eurotrip.com had been founded by Andrew Ogilvie, who is also the site Editor and lives and works in Scotland. For years he had been an adventurous back-backer himself. In early 1995 he started a home page recommending some of the hostels and places he had enjoyed while on various back-packing sojourns across Europe. That home page grew over the years into Eurotrip.com - the leading website for inexpensive, independent travel in Europe.

There is a list of favourite European hostels with readers comments, reviews, web links and contact details, information on "Cheap Flight Tactics" as well as on discounts on European Railpasses. Rather unique are the "Live Travelogues", live reports from the so-called Road Scholars crew. Volunteers report on their trips from the first to the last day. This is exciting and first hand experience in Europe

Under the heading "The Scary Trains Page" you are asked "Want to get robbed on a night train?" No, you probably wouldn't. Therefor you get warnings and advice.

There is a lot of good advice for trips in Europe, mainly from the point of view of Americans. You find useful information on passport regulations as well as health service in the European countries. Dealing with the question "How Much Should I Budget for my European Trip?" is Heather Greene from Atlanta, Georgia, who writes articles for the website's regular newsletter covering some of the common travel questions.

There even is a link to the exchange rates of the day. However, if you want to see the exchange value of the Euro (which is very useful because it helps you to compare prices in Europe) you will have to do some more research. Instead, you find the exchange rate to gold ounces and platinum ounces in New York. Is there anyone touring Europe carrying an platinum ounce in his or her purse? Please come and let have a look.


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